Exciting two weeks in Spain project

On August 19, the Spanish apprentices landed at Frankfurt Airport. Already on Wednesday began a tight program for the trainees. Much was to be done: opening an account, living in Frankfurt report, selection of health insurance, liability insurance, absolve language test, buy train tickets and and and …

But one thing could not be missing: On Wednesday, 21.08.2013, a welcome party for the Spanish trainees took place. On this occasion, Minister of Economics Florian Rentsch and President of the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main Chamber of Commerce Bernd Ehinger spoke encouraging words of welcome. Representatives of companies and vocational schools were also present. This allowed apprentices, companies and vocational schools to exchange ideas and get to know each other better.


Some companies brought their trainees a small welcome gift: e.g. a small school bag for the start of training ­čÖé


It was exciting on 23.08. for the plant mechanics and roofers and 30.08. for the electronics engineers: The enrollment in the vocational schools was on. Here the trainees received their timetables and material lists. They got to know the premises and their class teachers and interpreters.

Today (02.09.) It got serious: The training has started !! The first will complete a practical phase in their company, others will be in the vocational school or BTZ of the Chamber of Crafts.

It can finally start …!

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